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Why Properly Maintaining Your HVAC System Is So Important

Your HVAC system is an investment just like any other, such as a car, house, etc. Unfortunately, many people never maintain or do the proper upkeep on this investment.

HVAC systems are quite similar to a car as they require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they remain functioning efficiently.

A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system which operates correctly is one that ensures your home stays cool and comfy in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter for a long time to come. That is the reason why proper HVAC system maintenance and regular inspection is so important.

Ten Reasons Why Proper HVAC System Maintenance Is Essential

1.    Saving Money

Routine maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system helps to lower your utility bills, which saves you money.

HVAC units that run efficiently, coupled with suitably insulated homes, translates into less money being spent on electricity for your heating and cooling needs.

Proper maintenance of the system also helps to eliminate the need for complete replacements or major repairs that cost you big money.

2.    Healthier Air

Properly maintained HVAC systems not only help to keep homes cool or warm but also prevent problems relating to the air quality.

Clean coils and filters ensure cleaner air within the house and better breathing for the whole family.

A poorly maintained HVAC system provides an ideal breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and dirt, all of which can cause or worsen respiratory problems for the inhabitants of the establishment or home.

3.    Safety

Oil and gas burning furnaces will always produce carbon monoxide irrespective of their level of efficiency.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless but poisonous gas that can invade your living space if not properly vented out of your home.

Poorly maintained furnaces tend to produce more of the gas and are more likely to need furnace repair to operate optimally.

When regular maintenance of the HVAC system is performed, technicians will check to make sure the gas is venting adequately and verify that it is burning as efficiently as expected so you can sleep easy knowing your home is safe and efficient.

4.    System Longevity

The better you maintain your HVAC system, the longer the unit will serve you, functioning properly and providing heating and cooling to your home or building.

Proper HVAC maintenance should ensure that your unit lasts for at least ten years or longer.

If you consider the investment you made towards the installation of your HVAC unit, it makes sense that you would wish to guarantee that the unit runs well for the longest possible time.

5.    Less Breakdowns

Emergency repairs are something that most HVAC units need from time to time.

However, having a properly maintained heating, ventilation, or cooling unit means that it is less likely to fail during the months when it is needed most especially in the winter.

Keeping your unit updated with regards to all maintenance checks and inspections means that you will worry less about it breaking down at a time when you rely on it the most.

6.    Efficiency

In terms of the system’s lifespan, properly maintained equipment runs more efficiently.

According to research, unmaintained or dirty HVAC units have to work 20 percent harder than properly maintained units to generate the same level of cooling or heating.

Less energy is expended when a properly maintained unit is running, which translates into less stress on its components.

The reduced wear and tear on the machine also translates into cheaper and simpler maintenance in the spring and fall.

Upkeep will also be smoother and quicker if you take the necessary steps to keep your system running strong.

7.    Warranty On The Parts

If problems do arise, the component or part in question could still be under warranty.

This is yet another justification for regular maintenance.

You should make sure to keep a list of the warranty expiration and service performed dates.

The servicing technician will be checking the parts during each inspection to ensure that any issues are found before it is too late.

The parts under warranty are usually repairable at no cost aside from the labor charges arising when homeowners are unable to replace or fix the parts themselves.

8.    Environmental Conservation

Today, everyone is concerned about their green footprint. If you sincerely care for the environment, it is important to note that a properly maintained HVAC system uses considerably less fuel, which in turn is great for the environment.

It is also important to note the type of refrigerant used in your system since the EPA is starting to phase out environmentally destructive substances.

All HVAC technicians that handle controlled substances should have EPA Section 608 certification and will help you understand the kind of refrigerant you have in your system, its impact on the environment, and your options.

9.    Early Problem Identification

It is always easier to deal with a problem when it is noted early on than to deal with an issue that has been there for a long time.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC systems ensures that any problems are noted early on and corrected without delay.

This is yet another key reason why proper, regular HVAC repair is so important.

If such problems are not addressed and fixed early on, they will become bigger problems that evolve into expensive repairs or replacement of the entire system.

10.    Less Stress

If your HVAC system is not properly maintained it is likely to malfunction, which translates into costly, time-consuming, emergency repairs.

The stress of such a situation is likely to cause you, or even your business not just money, but also the time required to take care of the necessary repairs, along with possible downtime.

That can cause you and your business a great deal of physical and mental anguish and put an extra burden on your employees or tenants.

In the case that you are a landlord, the stress could include actually losing your tenants.

Final Thoughts

Proper HVAC maintenance is essential for many obvious reasons.

This article has looked at ten important reasons why preventative maintenance is so important.

Scheduling regular checks and ensuring that minor problems are fixed will help you enjoy the comfort associated with knowing that your system isn’t likely to fail anytime soon.

A properly maintained HVAC system is also less susceptible to serious problems, which means less unnecessary costs and unexpected hassles.